The preparation of a safari into the desert

For you, it will be quite easy - all you have to do is to organize your trip to Cairo, and to contact me:

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A typical safari would start in Cairo. First, one would travel from Cairo to the oasis Bahariya (الواحات البحرية ), by bus or by car (depends on the number of people). Typically, the guide will meet you at your hotel in Cairo and travel with you.

In Bahariya there are several hotels, so there is a possibility to sleep at Bahariya.

There are some local places worth to be visited, like a local salt lake and a remarkable pyramid-looking mountain not far away from Bahariya.

Then, from Bahariya to the White Desert, already by jeep, one needs only a few hours.

On the road, there is another small oasis, where one can take a dinner, and have a bath in water from a hot spring.

The night can be spend at the desert. Of course, with campfire and supper prepared on the grill.

Usually the night sky will be also worth to be looked at. There is no air pollution by industry, and there is also no light pollution by the light of nearby town, thus, if the weather does not foil this, you will see a nice star-spattered sky, where you can see, in particular, the Milky Way.

On the way back, the Black Desert can be visited too.

A lot of variants are possible. How many people? How many days? How many cars do we need? What do you want to visit? Do you want to spend a night at the desert or prefer a hotel in Bahariya?